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Beauty bag essentials

Hello everyone. I want to show the must have of any beauty bag. For myself I would like to select 10 of them. But I’ll tell more under the picture


  1. BB cream. I like use it more in summer because of the consistence. It’s super light and easy to use. Your skin looks natural and it helps to remove the redness, minimising imperfections
  2. Black eye pencil. Looks perfect with brown eyes
  3. Big powder brush
  4. Mascara. Mascara is perfect for your everyday makeup. It giver your eyelashes fabulous fullness
  5. Lipgloss. It makes your lips to shine and stay natural
  6. Tweezer. Don’t allow your brows to look like Chewbacca
  7. Powder. Normally I use transparent color. Powder keeps matte for hours
  8. Mirror. Compact and It is easy to check the imperfections
  9. Sponge. I use it everyday for any foundation. It blends everything very well and makes your foundation look very natural.
  10. Ponytail holder. It’s perfect before your makeup routine.

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